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Jul 22, 2020

What does roof coating do?

It isn’t a secret that having a durable, solid, weatherproof roof is important to any structure. What most people realize is how much abuse a roof gets from the climate and environment. From rain and sunshine to hailstorms and windstorms, over the years, a roof degrades, losing its effectiveness. And if the damage, wear, and tear aren’t addressed in a timely manner, a roof becomes a hazard. That is one of benefits of roof coating – it prolongs the life of a roof.

Unless you’ve had to have a roof coated, very few people are aware of what a roof coating is, what it does, and the benefits it provides. There are many types of roof coatings, each prolonging the lifespan of the roof while protecting it from the climate and environmental threats.

Factors like excessive water, high winds, and UV light are the major culprits to wearing the effectiveness of a roof down. Roof coatings contain a top level of resin and is formulated to provide roofs protection from the damaging effects of climate, environment, and weather. A roof coating provides more protection and strength than a few coats of paint.

Roof coatings have elastomeric properties that seal cracks and seams, conforming to the effectiveness of the roof type. There are several benefits that can be expected from roof coating costs:

  • Saves Money— When a roof is needing frequent repairs for cracks and leaks, it becomes an expense that most building owners do not want to endure A onetime cost of roof coating is more cost-effective way of commercial flat roof maintenance. 
  • Saves Energy—A reflective roof coating is an energy-efficient tool. It reflects the sun’s UV rays and the heat that generates so that the interior of the building is easier to keep cool. This is a big bonus for this area of the country where summers are brutally hot. Every building with roof coating contributes to reducing their part in the urban island heat effect, an environmental of today due to population and structure increase that generate heat. 
  • Extends Life —A professionally installed and maintained commercial flat roof will have an average life span of ten years. With a roof coating, that it can extend lifespan of the existing roof another ten years or longer. Roof coating minimizes cracks, leaks, helps   reflect the sun and more. Having a roof re-coated on a routine basis will maintain that integrity even longer. 
  • Slows Damage – Roof coating slows the humidity and mildew from spreading mold while adding an extra layer of protection that we’ve discussed here, extending the life span of the roof.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Yes, applying a roof coating will stop a small leak temporarily. That level of protection is just one of the many roof coating uses. The roof on a structure’s principal purpose is to be the frontline of protection against harsh weather, however, the roof needs a level of protection too. A roof coating is applied to make a roof a watertight barrier to keep water from seeping under the membrane and under the decking, into the structure.

Do roof coatings work?

If a flat roof or low-slope roof has already started leaking, roof coating may slow the leak or temporarily stop it, but it isn’t the permanent fix. When it comes to helping with energy expenses, yes, a professionally installed roof coating will help lower those costs. A good roof coating will extend the life of a flat roof while minimizing the factors that can damage a roof.   

What is the best roof coating?

There are several types of roof coating on the market today, but the three most used are:

  • Acrylic Roof Coating – Has a longevity proven and will contract and expand with the heat, making the roof more resistant to UV ray deterioration.
  • Silicone Roof Coating – This is a single layer of roof coating that hardens when exposed to water. A resistance to rain or snow.
  • Polyurea Roof Coating – This roof coating is formulated with varying characteristics and won’t corrode from the chemicals used to make it water-resistant.

How long does roof coating last?

The lifespan of a roof coating will have many factors. With a professional roof coating installation, depending on the type of coating used, the thickness of the coating, the climate, environment, and weather where the structure is located are all factors. You can expect ten years lifespan from the roof coating. 

The roof of any structure will have a longer lifespan based on the maintenance and upkeep. Roof coating is a part of the maintenance and when it is installed will determine how much it helps the existing roof. The type of roof coating, the thickness, and how it is installed will determine how much lifespan it adds to the roof and has itself. For your roof coating needs call us toll free: 855-794-3626 (FOAM).


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