Roof Coatings


The primary reason that a roof degrades with age in our area involves the accumulated effects of rain and sunshine. Rain beats down on a roof and has corrosive properties that will eventually create openings. Sunshine can cause a roof to expand or contract, an activity that non-flexible roofs struggle to accommodate. Harmful radiation also breaks down your roof on a chemical level. Roof coatings preserve your roof against these factors and can themselves receive periodic replacement as a long-term answer to a roof’s durability.

Spray foam roof coatings, available in a variety of forms, can prolong the life of a roof and protect it from environmental threats. Best of all, you can install a roof coating on any roof, even an aged one, to lengthen its effective lifespan. At Foam Tech, we offer full installation services for a roof coating in Dallas and Lubbock, TX.


At Foam Tech, we offer spray foam roof coatings in three varieties. The one you choose will depend on your budget, preference, and type of structure.

Acrylic Roof Coating: Acrylic roof coatings have a proven track record of longevity. The material also expands and contracts in the heat to resist sun-related deterioration. As part of our broad range of services, Foam Tech offers building owners the benefits of an acrylic roof coating. As an addition that can extend the life of a new roof and preserve the integrity of an old roof, acrylic coatings stand as a smart choice in almost any circumstance.

Silicone Roof Coating: These roof coatings go on in a single layer to save time. They also harden when exposed to water, which grants them a remarkable resistance to rain. At Foam Tech, we proudly offer silicone roof coating as one of our premier products.

Polyurea Roof Coating: While being water-resistant, polyurea also doesn’t corrode from chemicals. Polyurea stands as one of the premier products for roof coating. Building owners will choose a polyurea roof coating for a couple different reasons. They can help shore up an older roof and will add up to 10 years to the roof’s lifespan. When installed on a new roof, polyurea roof coatings will provide significant benefits to the roof’s durability, longevity, and resistance to environmental factors.


No Seams or Joints: A roof’s seams stand as its weakest area and become vulnerable to rainfall as the sun causes the roof to age and degrade. Spray foam presents a monolithic surface with zero seams or joints.

Proper Drainage: Thanks to our ability to vary the thickness of the foam application, we can design a spray foam roof with optimal drainage capabilities.

Repair Savings: Manufactured proudly in Texas, our spray foam roofing is a highly durable, closed-cell variety. We can apply this foam to almost any roof, new or old, to circumvent the need for total replacement.

Extended Roof Life: UV radiation and water stand as the two major contributors to a roof’s demise. Roof coatings effectively pause the onslaught and can add 10 years or more to the life of your roof.

Lower Bills: Roof coatings can deflect enough of the sun’s heat to lower the interior temperature seven to 10 degrees.

Broadly Applicable: Regardless of the type of roof you have, from metal to concrete, we can identify a roof coating that works.

Preserves Attractiveness: A reflective roof coating can preserve the color of your roof and leave it attractive for years to come.

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