Spray Foam Roofing


Foam Tech provides a local answer for those needing efficient, affordable roofing or insulation assistance. In our work, we are dedicated to do right by our clients and strive to create relationships that match the longevity of our products. Our master technicians provide exceptional work with spray polyurethane foam systems, elastomeric roof coatings, polyurea, and other fluid-based construction materials.

Foam Tech has quickly established itself as a renowned leader in the industry of fluid-based construction materials. Founded in 2004, we have quickly grown to have offices in Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Mexico, and Texas. Our training facility in Lubbock, TX occupies 40,000 square feet and provides training services to other industry professionals. Here at Foam Tech in Dallas, TX, we bring all this experience to bear on each and every project. 


As anyone with experience in roofing will tell you, most systems become vulnerable at their seams. Except for some heat-welded systems, all roofs become vulnerable to leak water as they age, and the seams become compromised. Another weak area occurs around flashing, which covers spaces in roofing created through joints, pipe vents, and other protrusions. SPF roofing addresses both issues, among its many other benefits.

Temperature Control: SPF roofing reflects a great deal of the sun’s harmful radiation and keeps your structure cooler throughout the hottest months of the year. As a superior insulator, spray foam roofing also keeps cool and hot air contained within your structure.

Leak Prevention: SPF itself will never absorb water, unlike most other roofing materials. Since this is a fully waterproof roofing system, you will experience unparalleled protection from leaks. SPF roofing additionally presents a single, monolithic barrier against rainfall. Rain simply has nowhere to go, except through your drainage system and off the roof.

Longevity: With regular maintenance, a spray foam roof will last the entire life of your structure. As other roof systems age and require replacement, SPF will persist, and will merely require a new topmost coat of material every 20 years or so. So long as you maintain the top layer, SPF roofing will practically last forever.


We are the undisputed leader for the application of spray foam roofing, insulation, and roof coatings. Foam Tech can provide unparalleled service for your home or business. To learn more about how Foam Tech can benefit your structure, or to schedule a consultation for spray foam roofing in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, give us a call today!