Foam Tech is the local expert in spray foam services in roofing and insulation solutions as well as roof coatings and more. We are experienced professionals in the industry, so our customers can always count on us to complete every job with care and accurate attention, working hard to ensure a project that is completed correctly and that lasts for as long as possible.

Whether your property is commercial or residential, we ensure results that make good on the investment. You can trust that installers from Foam Tech will leave no mess behind and will treat your home with the same respect and courtesy they would expect for their own.

Our various other services include hybrid foam roofs, blown-in insulation, and injection foam. Each of these brings its own benefits to a home.


Hybrid foam provides the best qualities of both spray foam roofing and roof coatings to existent roofs in need of work. When your roof needs a long-lasting, dependable solution, the benefits of these materials working together is often the best choice. Get in touch with the professionals at Foam Tech to learn more.


Injection foam serves as a supplemental tool to occupy cavities created through settled insulation or other factors. This non-expanding foam can completely fill leaks and cracks to provide a permanent answer to persistent heating issues.

Foam Tech stands as your source for injection foam insulation. A relatively new product, injection foam also goes by the name of injected foam, or injectable foam insulation. A superb product that serves a specific, valuable role for a home, injection foam insulation has no better local installer than the personnel at Foam Tech.

*Not offered in all areas


Blown-in insulation stands as an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass that helps maintain your home’s temperature and protects against mold. An economical and effective type of insulation, blown-in insulation reduces energy bills, and increases your home’s comfort.

This remarkable product provides both long-term and immediate benefits and will pay for itself in two to four years thanks to the savings on your energy bill. To learn more or schedule installation of blown-in insulation in Lubbock and Dallas, TX, contact the experts at Foam

*Not offered in all areas


When you choose Foam Tech for a commercial or residential job, you’ve hired a company that has established itself as the best in the business. Over the course of more than ten years in the insulation and roofing industry, we’ve grown from a small enterprise based out of Lubbock to one with locations in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mexico, and elsewhere. Our expertise has developed to the extent that we now offer training at a world-class, 40,000-square-foot facility in Lubbock. 


We are the undisputed leader for the application of spray foam roofing, insulation, and roof coatings. Foam Tech can provide unparalleled service for your home or business. To learn more about how Foam Tech can benefit your structure, or to schedule a consultation for spray foam roofing in Dallas and Lubbock, TX, give us a call today!